Here are some examples of music and audio design from some of the wonderful projects I've been a part of, along with other pieces I've made in my free time. If you'd like to hear more of my work, please visit my Soundcloud.

The Last Tinker: City of Colors

I worked with The Last Tinker: City of Colors lead composer Filippo Beck-Peccoz to create some additional music for various boss battles and the orchestral rhythm game sequence. Together we also created the "toy shop" style instruments you can hear throughout the soundtrack.

Oh My Giraffe

Oh My Giraffe is an endless runner for iOS and Android devices. I was lucky enough to find developer and designer Nico Prins on Reddit, and together we created the audio.

Mable: The Journey

In April, I messaged Andrew Stewart of Triple Vision Games asking if I could use Mable: The Journey to demo interactive music with Wwise. He graciously accepted, and this is what I came up with in the end. There are four different music layers, and each starts playing when there're more enemies in the gamespace.

Son of Nor

Son of Nor was my first full-length soundtrack project. In the end, I wrote about 80 minutes of electronic/orchestral music that served as the game's underscore.

Dragon Slayer Pantheon

This piece ended up being the final boss music in Son of Nor, but I had originally composed it for the release of the Dragon Slayer Pantheon skin as a bit of a fun side project. In April, I found a youtuber by the name of Stan Lion who had created a splash screen for the skin, and he generously let me use it for this video.

Last Knight

Last Knight by Toco Games is an audio redesign project I started just to show how I'd go about creating sound design if this were my project. I picked Last Knight because it's just such a fun game, and I knew the developer had posted his progress often on Reddit.

Hero of Many

This is another sound redesign. I chose Hero of Many by Trickster Arts because it was so much different than a lot of the sound design I had done before. Because it's all taking place under water, there's this feeling of weight and a great dampening that I wanted to convey, while also making the sound light and ethereal.

Monument Valley

I am a huge fan of USTWO's Monument Valley, and I wanted to challenge myself by recreating the sounds of a game I was familiar with. In the end, I'm very happy with the outcome, as I feel everything fits as if it were a part of the original audio design.


Born and raised in Connecticut, I graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2011 with concentrations in film and game scoring. Shortly after graduating, I interned with FBPSound, a video game audio studio, in Munich, Germany.

My recent work includes composition and sound design for video games. I try to be as creative as possible by incorporating synthesis, sound design, live recording, and home-made instruments into my productions.

To see a full list of commercial games I've been a part of (along with other projects!) please check out my résumé!


Feel free to send me a message at mike[at] or via the contact form below.