Mike Skalandunas
Web Developer


Full-Stack MEAN Developer


Clear, consistent, and simple design with a focus on ease of use and fluidity. Proficient with clientside frameworks such as AngularJS and Ionic, as well as common boilerplates like Bootstrap and Skeleton.


A strong foundation in backend programming with proficiency with Node, Express, and Mongodb. My goal is to create a quick, efficient, and secure serverside environment.


Proficient in ES5 with experience with ES6. I'm incredibly eager to learn new languages, including less common visual programming languages like Max and PD.


Check out some of my past projects

Angular Story & Editor

Mongo, Express, Angular, Node

Job Search Assistant

Mongo, Express, Node, Skeleton

Mosaic Music & Sound

UIKit, Webpack, jPlayer, Node

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And my phone.

Born and raised in Connecticut, I graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2011 with concentrations in film and game scoring. Shortly after graduating, I interned with FBPSound, a video game audio studio, in Munich, Germany.

A desire to learn more about creating audio tools led me to Code Fellows in Seattle, WA, where I started out learning computer science basics. From there, a love for web development was born, and I went on to pursue an education in full-stack JavaScript development.

Since graduating, I'm working on personal projects- code-based and musical- while I seek out my next chapter in web development.

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